Contains 6 complete XMRE meals. Each meal contains: 1 x 8 oz. GI Entrée (variety of beef, chicken, pork, tuna or vegetarian), 1 cracker or bread item, 2-3 snack/dessert/side items, 1 fruit flavored beverage, 1 spread/sauce, 1 military 7 in. spoon, 1 instant coffee, non dairy creamer, sugar, 1 hot beverage bag, 1 salt & pepper, 1 wet towelette, 1 napkin, 1 military grade flameless heater. Entire meal is sealed in XMRE waterproof, tamper proof outer bag. Average 1200+ calories per meal.

XMRE- 1300XT Meal Kit - 12 Meals

  • Features: Case of 6 self-contained 1300XT MRE meals Average 1300+ calories per meal 6 different menus per case All current U.S. military grade components Fully cooked, and meal does not require water. Can be eaten out of the pouch any time, anywhere Simply add very small amount of water to activate military grade FRH flameless heater Lightweight Waterproof Extended shelf life of 5 years or more depending on storage temperature and conditions Each complete XMRE 1300 Meal contains: 1 8oz. GI Entrée (variety of beef, chicken, pork, tuna, or vegetarian) 1 cracker or bread item 2-3 snack/dessert/side items 1 fruit flavored beverage 1 spread/sauce 1 military 7 in. spoon 1 instant coffee + Non-dairy creamer & sugar 1 hot beverage bag 1 salt & pepper 1 wet towelette + 1 napkin 1 military grade flameless heater (FRH) Made in USA