Clean your firearms like never before and just watch the carbon fall away. Developed by US NAVY SEALS, FrogLube Solvent is part of the weapons performance and care line of products from FrogLube. The first and only completely natural care system of its kind. Designed to penetrate into the internals of your gun and reduce residue buildup that decreases accuracy. Typical issues found with other cleaning products like rapid heat rise and overheating, combustion of lubricants and accumulation of fouling are not caused by FrogLube. It is a great cleaner to remove all the petroleum and debris before a FROGLUBE treatment. Bio based and great for use in and around the water.
Technical Information
Ingredients: Petroleum-Free, Non-Toxic, Proprietary formula

FrogLube- 1 oz. Solvent

  • Features Bio-based, Non-Toxic Completely natural Removes carbon Eliminates Residue Non-Flammable Improves Accuracy 4 oz. bottle