How many times have you ordered a gas block, just to have it come in and be IMPOSSIBLE to accept a gas tube? Well, we're tired of it and here's our solution: Introducing the 'Stress Free' line of gas blocks, which are hand fitted with our gas tubes--after coating--and before going out to our clients. The gas tubes aren't included, we're just guaranteeing your build experience will be 'Stress Free!' Our Nitrided gas block features:

.750 Steel Gas Block- Low Profile Blk Nitride

    • 4140 gun-quality steel construction
    • Nitride (QPQ) finish
    • Hand fitted
    • Fits any .750" diameter barrel
    • Dual steel set screws ensure tight fitment (screws included)
    • Honed interior surfaces make installation of barrel and gas tube stress free
    • Low-profile allows it to fit under any rail system
    • Made in USA
    • Includes gas tube roll pin